1.  Valve World EXPO 2020dateien.jpg
2. DIAM Leipzig
11.03.2020 to 12.03.2020
3. Fleu has built the valves test with steam
4. Fleu is building the valves parts clear room with warm water, steam and ultrasonic cleaning
5. 10,000 sets valves stock
Fleu has founded the valves stock about 10,000 sets. The delivery time for these valves is1 or 2 Weeks from China.
6. high-pressure testing system
Fleu Group is building a high-pressure testing system for valves.To ensure no leak ater installation on the pipeline, all valves will be tested with 60 Bar air.
7. CAE casting simulation system
Fleu Group Foundry has brought in a set of CAE casting simulation system,which is helpful to the quality improvement of the castings parts .


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